AIR RangeAir Breathe


Breathe bigger and better than ever before. AIR BREATHE™ gently opens the nasal passage, naturally increasing airflow to help you breathe easier and feel better. Breathing is the most important function the human body does, yet nine out of ten people don’t breathe properly. AIR BREATHE™ helps solve this problem. Instantly! BETTER BREATHING IS RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE: · Enhance focus and memory · Increase energy and promote weight loss · Strengthen the immune system · Drug-free, latex-free, comfortable and discreet *Contains 14 Air Nasal Inserts SMELL THE ROSES: · Helps block out airborne allergens like pollen, dust and pet dander · Filtration media from 3M · Easy to breathe through · Drug-free · Infused with an essential oil blend designed to reduce allergy symptoms · Soft, comfortable and discreet · Latex-Free *Contains 12 Air Nasal Inserts